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While both may seem the same to an amateur, both of these professionals handle entirely different business functionalities. While a bookkeeper is concerned with the recording and auditing of day-to-day data pertaining to financial transactions of the business, an accountant offers support in the business’s core financial functions including filing for taxes, creating financial statements etc. Look at your existing needs and then opt for hiring one or both of them.

Online bookkeeping service providers have a vast amount of experience operating in multiple industries and they include experts in different financial sectors, allowing your business to leverage the best kind of financial assistance, which a local bookkeeper, with limited experience and exposure, wouldn’t be able to match. On top of this, online bookkeeping services are highly scalable.

Yes! Overdraw offers comprehensive financial services including taxation services, payroll services, and online bookkeeping services among others. We execute these services in compliance with top international standards and by leveraging the latest accounting tools and technologies to deliver top notch results.

At Overdraw, we offer our services to businesses operating at varying stages of growth and in various industries. You can be running a startup or a multi-national enterprise, we can accommodate all your financial automation needs by providing you with a custom accounting and financial management plan.

The technologies or tools that we use depend entirely upon the complexity of the task at hand. We currently use all top accounting software including Gusto, QuickBooks and a wide variety of others.

Yes! Our outsourced CFO services can be hired on an as needed, part time, short term or even on a permanent basis.

Overdraw’s financial management team has the strictest protocols in place to ensure that the data of all our clients remains safe, secure and protected at all times. For this, we deploy the following SOPs:

  • Encrypting data before storing it with AES-256 military grade encryption.
  • Leveraging secure password managers to control all data storage centers.
  • Vetting all employees before they are allowed to work on our teams.
  • Ensuring a proper authorization hierarchy on who can access the data and when.

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