Outsourced CFO Services

The Best Virtual CFO Services:

Overdraw provides outsourced CFO services for small business as well as large one offering high value financial management services that can help your organization optimize its cost centers and generate higher ROI. Our services are affordable and flexible, with each business intervention being customized to suit your current financial requirements.

So whether you want to navigate through an impending IPO or want to forecast your cash flows for future stability, you can opt for our virtual CFO service to get expert guidance and consultation.

Comprehensive Chief Financial Officer Services

Due to the diverse nature of clients that we serve on a continuous basis, we have evolved our CFO services set to include all the different kinds of common outsourced CFO services that a client may require.

Developing Your Financial Strategy:

If you have a growth based vision in mind for your company, then we can help prepare the financial roadmap to take you there by developing both short and long term financial strategies that are workable, implementable and aligned with your current and future requirements.

Conducting A Cash Flow Analysis

Our outsourced CFO services can analyze your internal and external cash flows to determine where you need improvements. As financial analysts, we focus less on how you can increase your revenue and more on how your cash flows are structured so that we can recommend the right course of action to correct them.

Objective Cost Cutting & Benchmarking

Not all cost cutting measures are good, as some of them can actually end up harming your business growth. Our virtual CFOs can objectively analyze your cost mechanisms and benchmark them with prevalent industry structures to ensure that your cash is only spent in areas which can drive the maximum amount of growth.

Providing A Break Even Analysis

To ensure that you hit profitability soon in new projects or startups, our team will analyze your current financial growth patterns and production trends to prepare a break even analysis. This analysis will help your business in staying afloat, negotiating loans and directing future business initiatives.

Debt Planning & Restructuring

The most sustainable businesses are the ones that have a healthy debt to equity ratio. Our Virtual CFO will analyze your debt and borrowing patterns and provide you with optimized restructuring plans that help you grow as a business by reducing unnecessary burdens.

Interim CFO

It’s rare for business to have more than one in-house CFO at a given period in time, so if this CFO resigns and your organization is going through a transition period, we can offer Interim CFO services to ensure that you can manage things without experiencing any major issues.

How Much Do Our Outsourced CFO Services Cost?

Overdraw’s chief financial officer services are affordable enough to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. We accommodate all types of CFO requirements. From part time virtual CFO services to one-off virtual CFO engagements, we can chalk out a customized plan for your business that provides you with high end value that’s within your budget. Our team can work this all out in a single discussion with your business.

Work With The Best Virtual CFOs In USA

Our Virtual CFO team consists of qualified CPA professionals with years of experience in public accounting, business accounting, financial management and advisory services across multiple industry verticals.

As your virtual CFO partners, we will ensure that your business’s profitability and growth remains sustainable and stable. But despite that, we never bind you into long term contracts, so that you retain full control over how you want us to serve your business through our outsourced CFO services. Also, we provide other services too, like virtual bookkeeping solutions in the USA.

Why Hire A Virtual Chief Financial Officer?

A Chief Financial Officer’s job description is entirely different from that of any other individual working in your finance and accounting departments. A CFO is responsible for providing you with strategic financial advisory and guidance that can help improve the profitability of your company.

These services can include finding and optimizing problematic cost centers, providing strategies for debt restructuring, helping you navigate through IPOs, and optimizing your cash flows among other crucial financial tasks.

The services that a CFO provides are indispensable for any firm that wants to grow sustainably from where it is now towards where it wants to be in the next few years. However, small businesses or growing startups often cannot afford to hire a full time CFO, and this is exactly where we come in.

Our Virtual CFO services can help you gain the same level of expertise and strategic insights that a full time CFO would offer but in an affordable and customized manner.

Hiring a virtual CFO is definitely the most important thing you can do for your business from a growth perspective in today’s highly competitive landscape. Also, we provide other services too, like virtual bookkeeping solutions in the USA.